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About MD/Process

At MD/Process we believe everyone deserves to feel healthy.

From the patients we see in our clinics every day, to the people all over the world using our products, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life of good health. And it's our mission to make that achievable.

MD/Process was born out of necessity. In our successful careers as medical doctors, we've experienced first-hand the health struggles that many people live with every day. While many of these issues can be resolved through nutritional supplements, we've seen the negative effects that low-quality, ineffective, and sometimes outright dangerous supplements have had on our patients' health.

Realizing we needed to be able to recommend them a trusted brand, we went searching. But no brand on the market matched up to the exacting standards of quality, safety, efficacy and science-backed research that we believed our patients deserved – or that we would happily take ourselves.

And so, in the end, we developed the MD/Process.

The MD/Process
Product Range

GlucoBerry's unique doctor-formulated blend was designed around a discovery in blood sugar health: the Maqui Berry. This superfood has been shown to support the Blood Sugar Drain inside your kidneys, so your body can properly flush away excess sugar. It's our recommended way to support healthy blood sugar levels, so you don't have to completely give up your favorite foods, have more day-to-day energy, and maintain confidence in being there for your loved ones.


Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system. It's shown to help you avoid contracting illness, lessen symptoms, and help illness resolve more quickly. It's also a powerful antioxidant! But most Vitamin C supplements are difficult for your body to absorb. NanoDrop-C contains nanoparticles of Vitamin C, only a few nanometers wide. That's 100x smaller than most Vitamin C supplements, and it's absorbed at least 3x better, for stronger immune and antioxidant support.

Body Wake
Body Wake

This deliciously creamy chocolate-flavored MCT powder is doctor-formulated using the latest Ivy League research. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are dietary fats. But MCTs are the "good fats" that lead to weight-loss. BodyWake's advanced MCT powder helps suppress hunger and cravings, and firing up the metabolism, while supercharging energy levels at the same time. Just add milk or your favorite milk alternative!

What is the MD/Process?

We know that world-leading products require world-leading formulations, backed by world-leading science.

Through years of experience we've honed our formula development process down to a fine art. Coined the MD/Process (which served to inspire our name), this rigorous method combines industry-leading knowledge with hours of research, technical expertise, care and passion.

Working with our trusted suppliers, we seek out the best ingredients in the most bioavailable form possible, artfully combining them to work in synchrony with one another. Every ingredient we use is backed by leading scientific research, in doses proven for maximum efficacy within the body. While other brands' products are formulated by marketers and include unproven ingredients, our formulation process requires a minimum of 3 human-based studies for every ingredient, and is developed with our team of experienced medical doctors.

Our premium, targeted solutions are produced in FDA-approved, GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Process) facilities, undertake regular strict third-party testing to ensure safety, purity and potency, and are proudly GMO-free.

We're proud to do things differently, because we think you deserve it. And we hope that our supplements deliver you the same positive change that we've experienced in our patients, and ourselves.

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